a king's requiem ♔ ♦ lune ; free
♦ chicago ; beijing
♦ run ; fight

♦ pretend to be happy, the sadness is hidden.
♦ screaming so loudly, no one to hear
♦ on shaking legs we fight

♦ suicidal in a beautiful world
♦ like waiting for a mute to sing
♦ feeling impossibly lonely always

♦ we are the line of dead kings
♦ our songs echo across the land
♦ we march till thy kingdom come

♦ music addict ; ♫
let us cry, let us be
let us open up our hearts
without fear of anything


Shine bright like a washed nintendog image

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on my grave i want VIP not RIP

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my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard and i’m gonna charge 3.50 for a small and become the next international chain of gourmet beverages that are actually pretty average

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I want a marriage like this.

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Tree tunnels are perfect examples of how nature can be shaped over many years by humans and other external influences. When paths and roads are carved into the ground, nearby trees bend outward into the new patch of light to receive more energy for photosynthesis. This process continues until the tree branches on either side completely overlap, forming a thick ceiling over the pathway beneath.
Take a stroll beneath these 9 natural tree tunnels

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daisy meeting her new sister for the first time…. I think she likes her

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i have no idea what im doing but happy fathers day 

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on the dick like


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