a king's requiem ♔ ♦ lune ; free
♦ chicago ; beijing
♦ run ; fight

♦ pretend to be happy, the sadness is hidden.
♦ screaming so loudly, no one to hear
♦ on shaking legs we fight

♦ suicidal in a beautiful world
♦ like waiting for a mute to sing
♦ feeling impossibly lonely always

♦ we are the line of dead kings
♦ our songs echo across the land
♦ we march till thy kingdom come

♦ music addict ; ♫
let us cry, let us be
let us open up our hearts
without fear of anything

come on skinny love
we'll live on front porches
and swing life away

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LATE NIGHT TILE WALLPAPERS this time featuring a few of my favorite water types.

uhh it’s not the greatest, but go ahead and use it if you like!

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★ by sg

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Why, Palpitoad

Between this and Snivy’s late-night chats, I’m really regretting that I’ve spent so much time playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate instead of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.

The photo is courtesy of Caitlyn, who sells some fun Pokemon stuff through her online shop.

BUY PMD: Gates to InfinityPokemon X and Y, upcoming releases

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by ende

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