a king's requiem ♔ ♦ lune ; free
♦ chicago ; beijing
♦ run ; fight

♦ pretend to be happy, the sadness is hidden.
♦ screaming so loudly, no one to hear
♦ on shaking legs we fight

♦ suicidal in a beautiful world
♦ like waiting for a mute to sing
♦ feeling impossibly lonely always

♦ we are the line of dead kings
♦ our songs echo across the land
♦ we march till thy kingdom come

♦ music addict ; ♫
let us cry, let us be
let us open up our hearts
without fear of anything

come on skinny love
we'll live on front porches
and swing life away


Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon 1&2

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*。.゚。*・✿ The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself ✿・*。゚。*

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hey how you doin lil mama lemme whisper in yo ear

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my precious fluffiest cloud birb……….

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Throughout the whole confrontation with Level 4 Timcanpy NEVER left Allen’s side.

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Artist: 依鈴

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so I was making a d.gray-man post and I realized there was a dire need of a Timcanpy appreciation post

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